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Crimson Achievement Pathways


Our Mission

Our mission is to create an empowering, inclusive, equitable, and supportive culture for undocumented students at Washington State University and beyond.

We work to achieve our mission by:

  • Providing undocumented students with excellent services and resources to support their academic, professional, and leadership development.
  • Partnering with other institutions of higher education, school districts, and community organizations to share best practices to support undocumented students.
  • Training faculty, staff, and administrators at WSU as well as educators from other educational institutions to create access and increase support for undocumented students across the whole educational pipeline.
  • Engaging the campus and broader community through a variety of events and initiatives to generate dialogue, increase awareness, and build empathy with and for undocumented students and other immigrant and refugee communities.

Upcoming Events





Crimson Group Meetings



Senate Room, CUB 208

Mariposa Poderosas



Women’s Center, Wilson Short 08

Beyond HB1079

Saturday, October 5th

8.00am – 4.00pm

@Central Washington University

CEIE Meet and Greet

Thursday, October 10th

4.00pm – 6.30pm

Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center



Saturday, October 12th


@University of Washington, Seattle

A Word on the Current Climate

Knowing that detentions and deportations increase in the summer, it is important to keep calm and stay informed; we can't fight fear with panic, but we CAN plan and organize. Please make sure you/your family download the Notifica app where you can upload emergency info and contacts. It's also good to have a completed G-28 form (found here) in the event that you are detained and need legal representation. If you see anything, please report it to WAISN at 1-844-724-3737.


The current policy to allow for DACA renewals could change at any time. It is important to renew your DACA as soon as you are able.

For more information on how to renew your DACA, click here!