Future Events

We are continually planning events to help us come together. Check back often to see what's coming up!

Signature Programs and Events

  • Mariposas Poderosas (WSU Pullman)

    Mariposas Poderosas is a weekly program at WSU Pullman that begins in the fall semester and continues throughout the year. The program uses a workbook created by the WSU Psychology Department and Undocumented Initiatives to help students learn the meaning and value of three pillars of resilience: hope for the future, emotional openness, and social support. Through this program, students will evaluate and build on their resiliency skills. At these sessions, which take place at the Undocumented Student Center (Compton Union Building 421), students have the chance to share a meal, socialize, and work through the Mariposas Poderosas exercises as a group. If you are interested in joining the program, please contact the Undocumented Initiatives Student Ambassador, Itzia Mejia Barragan at itzia.mejiabarragan@wsu.edu.

    We also provide training to institutions that want to bring Mariposas Poderosas to their campus. Learn more about training opportunities.

  • Mariposas Creative Care (WSU Pullman)

    Mariposas Creative Care is a weekly creative workshop at WSU Pullman that takes place during the Spring semester. The workshops promote self-care, self-discovery, empowerment, resiliency, and creativity. Activities in this safe social space include: study tables, art tables, board games, movie socials, family dinners, weekend community service, and more. This is a drop-in/drop-out program that students can access whenever they need, whether they are undocumented, in the undocumented community, or an ally. If you are interested in joining the program, please contact the Undocumented Initiatives Student Ambassador, Itzia Mejia Barragan at itzia.mejiabarragan@wsu.edu.

  • Immigration Consultations

    In partnership with the University of Idaho Immigration Law Clinic, we provide weekly FREE immigration consultations to the WSU system. These can be conducted remotely or in-person at our center located in the Compton Union Building, room 421. The consultations assist students with concerns such as:
    • Renewing DACA
    • Pursuing naturalization or other options
    • How marriage will affect their or their spouse’s status
    • Any other issues that a student wishes to discuss

    For questions, email undocumented@wsu.edu or Geoffrey Heeren at gheeren@uidaho.edu.

  • UNIV104 Crimson Mariposas: Navigating WSU (WSU Pullman)

    In partnership with WSU First Year Programs, Undocumented Initiatives offers a course designed specifically to assist students in learning and applying the skills needed to successfully navigate their college and professional career. Throughout this course, we approach these topics with undocumented issues in mind, so this course is especially helpful for students who are undocumented, from mixed-status families, and who are looking to act in allyship with undocumented communities. An exciting feature of this course is the great variety of guest presenters from across the University system, in addition to alumni of Undocumented Initiatives programs. For more info, visit First Year Programs or email the course instructor, Claudia Skinner, at claudia.skinner@wsu.edu.

  • UndocuAlly Trainings

    The Undocumented Initiatives UndocuAlly Training equips WSU faculty and staff with the knowledge and tools necessary to become an active ally to students from undocumented communities. In this workshop, we will discuss the issues facing undocumented communities, the laws and policies affecting undocumented students, and how to work effectively as an ally in higher education institutions.

    Workshop Learning Objectives:

    • Explain the varying demographic make-up of undocumented communities
    • Describe the history, policies, and current issues impacting students who are undocumented and who come from undocumented communities
    • Identify the best daily practices to adopt to support students from undocumented communities in navigating the college system
    • Identify opportunities for advocacy and solving inequities in their own team and/or department in order to improve support services for students from undocumented communities

    If you would like to book an UndocuAlly Training, visit the course list through WSU Human Resource Services.

  • Leadership Development Opportunities

    We encourage students who are interested in leadership development opportunities to volunteer at the following events. Each will expand your professional skill set while providing a meaningful opportunity to help the next generation of students find success:

    • CASHE Conference—a student-led conference for high school students of Latino descent. Learn more about CASHE Conference.
    • La Bienvenida— a Spanish-language orientation program for new WSU Pullman students and their parents. Learn more about La Bienvenida.
    • Conexion—a reception welcoming new multicultural students to the Cougar Family. It is held on the Sunday before school starts and features a variety of programs and student organizations.

    If you would like to volunteer, email undocumented@wsu.edu.