The Undocumented Initiatives UndocuAlly Training equips WSU faculty and staff with the knowledge and tools necessary to become an active ally to students from undocumented communities. In this workshop, we will discuss the issues facing undocumented communities, the laws and policies affecting undocumented students, and how to work effectively as an ally in higher education institutions.

Workshop Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the varying demographic make-up of undocumented communities
  • Describe the history, policies, and current issues impacting students who are undocumented and who come from undocumented communities
  • Identify the best daily practices to adopt to support students from undocumented communities in navigating the college system
  • Identify opportunities for advocacy and solving inequities in their own team and/or department in order to improve support services for students from undocumented communities

If you would like to book an UndocuAlly Training, visit the course list through WSU Human Resource Services.